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Services, for Your Needs

Meals for the Week:

Meals for the week is designed to make dinner as thoughtless and easy as possible for you.  The typical week for a family of four would consist of meals for Monday through Friday, one for each member of the family for each day.  Each meal consists of a main portion or protein, and two sides such as a starch and vegetable.  Once we set up your custom menu we will also decide how you would like it packed, such as each person gets a separate dish or family style where there would be only one container for each day of the meal plan.  Don't forget that this is a customized and very personal service.  This is just the basics and if you would prefer your meals done with a certain flavor profile or even adding a third side.  It's all up to you; all you will need to do is reheat a delicious and nutritious meal.


Private Parties:

Customizing your private party can be as simple as having a few people over for light Hors d’oeuvres of shrimp cocktail and bruschettas to a nine course “chef’s tasting” or tapas style menu.  The more typical diner party would consist of three hors d’oeuvres choices, dinner salad choice, entrée, and desert.  During our menu meeting we would discuss your needs, number of guests, likes and dislikes, allergies all to create an evening to remember for you and your guests.


Cooking Lessons:

One on one cooking lesson or turn it into a date with instruction for two.  These lessons typically run about three hours and end with a full meal for two.  Lessons are customizable down to your specific interest, whether you want to learn how to fillet a fish like a classically trained chef or just want to know how to roast the most amazingly juicy chicken for your family it is up to you.  We will start with some quick basics on sanitation and safety, knife skills, and move into a little history if applicable and onto the preparation from scratch.  For example if you wanted master the entrée of roast chicken, honey glazed carrots and whipped roasted garlic potatoes.  We would cover the basics on safe poultry handling, seasoning, and roasting, then knife skills, and cooking of the carrots and boiling potatoes, roasting garlic and how to get a light fluffy and flavorful whipped potato.

Cooking Demonstrations:

Cooking demonstrations are a great way to enjoy some time with a small group of friends, great food, and learn a little about an area of interest.  This party is very easy to plan, you supply the topic of interest, place to meet, the friends and the wine or beer with my direction, if you choose and I do all the work.  I will bring with me some knowledge of the region we will be visiting that night and three to four courses of study.  I will talk the group through the recipe showing the techniques that will be useful and answer any questions along the way.  Then you will be served each course and we will continue on to the next.  If you have chosen to supply wine or beer for each course I will talk a little about each paring as well.  A typical demonstration will last upwards of four hours but can be tailored to almost any time frame.

*  To get the most accurate pricing for your specific situation please contact me via email or phone to set up a free consulting session.


**  All prices exclude beverages